About Green Fields School

Green Fields School (GF) is a fully accredited, nonsectarian, nonpartisan K-12 school. GF is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation that first opened in the 1930’s. It is among the oldest private schools in southern Arizona with a long history of academic excellence and preparing students for leadership. It’s twenty-acre campus, with more than thirty buildings, is living museum, that weaves roots from the past into the present and future. GF’s graduates include a long list of noteworthy as well as notorious men and women who have shaped not only Tucson but the Southwest.  GF’s affiliation with ALL (Accelerated Learning Laboratory), AESS (Accelerated Elementary and Secondary School, and CLP (The Cognitive Learning Project) provides students with access to a comprehensive, highly advanced pedagogy and curriculum.  Instruction is provided by “Highly Qualified Teachers,” many with advanced degrees.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission: Green Fields School (GF) shall provide students access to the most advanced and effective educational system this nation has to offer. GF shall promote a knowledge centered culture: in which learners, educators, and community members exhibit civility and respect for one another; in which “honor” is fundamental to collaborative social setting; where students’ innate talents are nurtured in a sanctuary that is rigorous, supportive, and safe; where passion for learning, cultural competence and diversity, are highly valued.

Our Vision: Green Fields School shall impart to its students the knowledge, acumen, and wisdom to shepherd this nation and world through the travails of the 21st century and beyond. Green Fields School shall facilitate the admission of its students to the social, political, and economic cadres that may enable their achievements to be meaningful and lasting.

Our Values: Inclusivity, collaboration,


The last five decades have witnessed an explosion in cognitive science research that has not only documented the manner humans teach and learn and revealed highly effective instructional strategies, but upended detrimental practices commonly employed. Developed by Accelerated Learning Laboratory (ALL) Green Fields’ instructional model is a modern “systems-engineered” approach that embodies the “new science.” Its application has reduced the “pain” of learning and frustration of ineffective teaching, while it inspires critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving. It includes a robust, comprehensive curriculum that motivates gifted students to achieve their fullest potential. GF is among the few schools to have fully implemented this innovative, research validated pedagogy.

Staff Directory

Our dedicated and experienced faculty are the backbone of Green Fields School. They are passionate about education and committed to providing a supportive and challenging environment that fosters the growth of the whole child. Our teachers are highly qualified and undergo continuous professional development to ensure they are equipped with the latest teaching methods and educational tools.


The school calendar includes important dates such as the start and end of the school year, holidays, parent-teacher conferences, and other key events. It is designed to provide a balanced schedule that maximizes learning while also allowing time for rest and relaxation.


The school handbook provides important information about the policies, procedures, and expectations at Green Fields School. It includes details on attendance, behavior, dress code, and other important topics. It is essential that all students and parents read the handbook carefully and adhere to the guidelines outlined within.

We invite you to explore our website further to learn more about our exceptional educational programs and the vibrant community at Green Fields School. Enroll now and become a part of our supportive and inclusive community.

English Language Arts (ELA) Handbook

Green Fields School Handbook